Alligator Man - Origins

2012-02-29 04:30:04 by Iznvm

So yeh.. I dabble in flash in my offtime, but I'm really going to school for 3d animation, but do enjoy creating the occasional flash cartoon. I made a stupid flash about an alligator antihero a year or so ago just so I could throw the idea down while it was fresh in my head, but now I really want to explore that idea. So, yeh, in my offtime, I'm gunna keep my interest and skills in flash in check by doing a short series featuring Alligator Man.

Yay.. no one reads my shit cuz no one cares!


Alligator Man - Origins


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2012-03-28 05:51:39

Seen it and read it lol so people do just don't say anything. Love your art man. I cant find this video to reply to our chat about the sync being out.