Robot dayayayaya

2012-05-09 04:43:51 by Iznvm

So for robot day, Im going 3d.. I made a model of a mech design that I conceptualized out my ass, and just need some sort of plot and maybe an antagonist... or protagonist... or another character... I have no clue... but I made a freaking mech. YAY

Robot dayayayaya


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2012-05-09 08:22:29

This is actually cool...

Iznvm responds:

Well thank you very much=)


2012-05-09 11:09:17

looking great :D, I Like those robots that doenst have Human Proportions,
like the legs and arms bigger than the rest of the body

Iznvm responds:

thanks man. I'm the same way... I've always liked the "popeye" style character.. with tiny upper arms and huge forearms. Just gotta come up with a plot or something now=S