New Cartooooooon!

2013-04-15 14:32:12 by Iznvm

It's about religion and stuff... Probably controversial, so enjoy!

New Cartooooooon!


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2013-04-15 15:37:11

You're amazing! Awesome piece! :)

Iznvm responds:

Thanks man. Appreciate it much!!! A ton of work went into this since it was a solo project (other than the music)... Hope it's received well.=)


2013-04-15 17:17:08

A very nice piece indeed. It's a shame organized religion won't let us observe God's beauty too closely.


2013-04-15 17:26:32

I think your views expressed in the video are a little exaggerated, yes religion has in the past denied scientific truth; however it has and always has encouraged the basis of family and that family is most important, which it really is. The video makes religion seem all bad even though religion has helped society immensely by securing families and keeping people living in peace with a common goal. You completely trash it in this video however.

Iznvm responds:

Religion is responsible for lots of good, and I can agree with that. But it's responsible for oodles more bad. The corruption and intolerance of organized religions is what spurred thousands of wars and genocides throughout history. Religious intolerance has declined basic human rights to many groups of people throughout history and is currently doing it now (ie gay marriage).
No, it's not all bad and yes, lots of good and community comes from religion, but that's just a drop in the bucket from the pain and distress it's caused over the ages.


2013-04-15 18:10:39

Agnostic here, you atheists need to calm down, you're just as zealous as the Templars.

Irony, Je qu rukk.

Your description of yourself is arrogant, fitting your personality as an atheist.

Quote all the dead men you want, in your end you're just as lost in this sea of darkness as the rest of us, the only difference is that they find comfort in their existence while you do not.

Iznvm responds:

I never said I was an atheist nor did I ever describe myself as one. In the statement, I pointed out that I put the intolerant and stifling ideology that I was brought up to blindly follow behind me, and that's that. And who did I quote?


2013-04-15 23:29:32

Yes yes...So much pain and distress. Keeping society from falling apart and preventing murder adultery and genocide cause so much pain and distress. I should say that I don't believe in any god nor do I follow any religion, but I praise religion for what it's done and giving a clear light to millions of people. Religion has caused less pain and death than it would if it never existed, and it's brought us farther into technological history because of its existence, if nothing kept humans together such as a common goal of a strong family (religion) then humans would murder each other for greater resources, that is their nature. Why don't you take a look at today's family and the 1930's nuclear family who strongly believed in religion. Look at all the single mothers and all the messed up people around you. This is what happens when people don't know what to do with themselves, and at least religion provided that answer; with some minor side effects of course.

(Updated ) Iznvm responds:

I disagree... religion had it's time when it was needed, but it's slowly coming to an end. The middle east had the potential to be one of the most prosperous regions in the world, and look at what it has become.
Like all things, it has it's good and bad sides, definitely, but I don't attribute morality to religion. You give to little credit to your race when you say that without religion, we would have killed each other long ago. Other species don't have religion and they have managed to not destroy themselves. We do have a sense of empathy toward each other and it's not because of a book.

And how can you say that religion brought us further into technological development? It has been the main source of inhibiting scientific thinking for thousands of years, because every new development threatens it's hold! You even say this in your first comment: "yes religion has in the past denied scientific truth"

And you really can't convince me that the influence of religion that has caused mass genocide such as the Crusades was a step in the right direction.


2013-04-16 01:38:19

Simplistic flash.


2013-04-16 08:09:05

"religion had it's time when it was needed, but it's slowly coming to an end"

"It has been the main source of inhibiting scientific thinking for thousands of years"

"caused mass genocide "

"I never said I was an atheist"

You never needed to.

The 1095-1291 Crusades ended with the death of around 650,000 people, with room for error edging around 50,000 due to records being lost and the habits of record keeping at the time and things being lost in translation.

1949-Present, the Chinese governent has killed upwards of 73,000,000 people, add in Russia, and you're looking at around 149,000,000.

Communists are violently athiest.

"We do have a sense of empathy toward each other and it's not because of a book."

Well, you were right about one thing, we definately don't need a book to get us to kill each other, because we're "empathetic" enough towards one another without it.


2013-04-16 08:10:09

@p0th3adnym Not sure if that comment was an attempt at irony. What with the Nazi's motto being the German form of "God is with us". Or how about some of the Christian instigated genocide in Rawanda? I see the strawman about family and all I can think is perhaps, maybe, you should really do some more research(Nuclear family dates back to 1947). There were just as many single mothers and "messed up" people. But if you want to say the religion made people good. The I remind you one of the most infamous criminals of that era , Al Capone was a practicing christian. Just read Hitler's book and you will see that he was a devoted christian. Look at what happens when a religion controls a continent we call it a dark age. Oh sure christianity kept society from falling apart but only as long as it became the sort of society that was not beneficial for humanity. I can image a world without and that world would not have had the holocaust, the forced conversion of natives, and a series of cases of child abuses that goes back past the 1930's. Let's examine 'christian science' for example, which has lead to deaths of children. If the listed atrocities are side effects of religion then I would love to live in a world without.


2013-04-16 08:22:09


I'll see your Hitler and raise you a Chairman Mao

Nazi's - 5.1-6 million people killed
Mao- ~15 million people killed

Hitler, crazy Christian
Mao, staunch Athiest


2013-04-16 12:39:41


I do believe in a God, for reasons that I'm not really going to explain since it probably isn't the point of the movie, but I agree that religion has became, and most of it probably is, corrupt right now.

It has done its good and its bad, like lots of things.

But can you really blame the various holy books if people twist what they say?
But can you really blame Christ itself if people kill in his name, while he clearly said to love each other as brothers?
But can you really blame religion, who simply says that we need to be like childs(talking about moral values, and being friendly, things which children generally do) , and not have extremely intimate/sexual relationships with children?

My point is, don't hate on religion itself, hate on those who twist it for various reasons.

I don't really know a lot about this topic, so there's a big chance that I made some errors due to thinking about this on the spot.

If you're okay with it, I'm going to give my account to a friend (Johnny) who loves debating about this stuff and send you some PM's.

On an unrelated note, kudos for making the movie. Whether your opinion is right on wrong, I still appreciate how you expressed it without fear.


2013-04-22 18:02:52

I hope you all don't mind my opinion, but i think people always try to blame the problems of humankind to something that isn't humankind itself. People blame the doctrine of religion, blame the amorality of atheism, blame capitalism, blame communism, blame government, blame, blame, blame. In my opinion, those are nothing but excuses. The problem of humankind is inherent to itself. There are people who are greedy, who are envious, who think they are always right and are above everyone else, who like to harm, who don't care about anyone, who think they deserve everything they want. Those people just need an excuse and they take the chance to get whatever they want. The Crusades? They were for the land. Nazism? It was for the supremacy. China's Cultural Revolution? It was for power. If you all want to blame something blame humankind for not being humane enough.


2013-04-26 22:08:11

Hahaha, I liked it and as a catholic christian, I give you 4 stars.

Seriously, why nobody want to go give each other a hug.

Can I get a hug? :3


2013-05-12 07:26:35

@GrimSparky You get a hug, because you have been so very polite. If only more christians could follow your example. *brofist*

ImperialNarwhal, First you cite Mao, no last name which means you assume everyone knows who you are talking about. But I'll assume you mean Zedong. But that is beside the point. First and foremost the weakest part of your argument, that because he is an atheist with a higher kill count that somehow he was doing so in the name of atheism and not communism. I would suggest you look those two words up, as you obviously do not know the blatant difference between the two.
Secondly, it's appear you argue that because Hitler, who did his killing in the name of christianity, had a third of Mao Zedong's murder count that somehow we can just ignore the role Christianity played in it. Did we not mention how your faith justified slavery and genocide?
Seriously you made a very big dishonest argument.
Should I remind you of the incident on July 22, 2011? Where a christian blew up a government building and murder and injured adults and children with religious motivation. If you need religious motivation, that means he did so in the name of Christianity.
If you weren't dishonest people wouldn't call you on your crap. You could learn a lot from GrimSparky, he didn't make excuses for his faith's history. Unlike you, who not only made excuses but tried to point fingers in a sad attempt to defend the actions of members of your faith. You must have no shame. Instead of condemning those Like Hitler and Breivik you would rather defend them.

Well played, shame on you.


2013-11-08 08:53:33


So I heard you like assumptions, so I put some assumptions in your assumptions so you can assume more things.

Point out where I defended Hitler as I put him up with Mao on the chart with him, no assumptions now bb.

Second, you assume communism didn't demand Atheism (pro tip, it did) So what was done in the name of communism was also done in the name of atheism, IF you don't accept this than all your arguments go out the window since it would mean the Crusades were done in the name of grabbing land and not what the crusaders themselves believed in.

In fact, if you we follow YOUR logic that the beliefs of the murderers aren't liable, but their political beliefs, than Anders Behring Breivik (You didn't name him after whining about me not giving Mao's full name) didn't kill people because of his religion, but instead because of his anti-labour party beliefs.

Also, where did I ever try to downplay Hitler? I was showing you there was someone EVEN WORSE than one of the worst guys in history, so if your done assuming things, I've defeated each of your ASSUMED points.

If YOU could actually READ, you wouldn't get called out on YOUR crap. Stop assuming, start thinking.

Poorly played, shame on you.


2013-11-18 13:51:15

Nice attempts at twisting arguments around and throwing insults at people. Yet again this is what you do best. "In fact, if you we follow YOUR logic that the beliefs of the murderers aren't liable, but their political beliefs, " "If YOU could actually READ, you wouldn't get called out on YOUR crap. Stop assuming, start thinking." See what you did there? You don't exactly practice what you preach.
So let's start poking at your bad grammar and nonsensical ramblings.

"Second, you assume communism didn't demand Atheism (pro tip, it did)" No it didn't. You may want to look up christian communism, or perhaps why China has a higher percentage of christians within its borders than say a nation such as the US. So no, You can't have your way.
"Also, where did I ever try to downplay Hitler? I was showing you there was someone EVEN WORSE" That is the definition of downplaying. That and you used the adjective Crazy, implying that no sane christian would do such a thing. I can read quite well.

As for you calling the crusades a land grab, remember the motive behind it? A Holy War to take back the "Holy Land" from the Muslims. Sounds like a religious reason to me. Do you even read bro?

No one says "I'm going to kill people in order to affirm that this one life is all we have." But plenty of people say "I'm going to send you to hell." or "I'm sending you to the eternal hereafter." and so on .
For someone who claims to be agnostic you certainly look like you play for one branch of theism. I'm trying to make sense of half your grammatical incorrectness on the ass end of your argument about Breivik but again, practice what you preach. I assume it'll take you a few months to reply. I look forward to it Sarah.

Be Well.


2013-12-04 14:30:50



Reread what you posted, I swear, you people...


2013-12-06 17:41:23

Yes because at this point we all know you had nothing to begin with. But you have to save face somehow. "Reread what you posted, I swear, you people..." I'm sorry you've been intellectually dishonest. But I forgive you. #TurningTheOtherCheek #Swag #Yolo


2013-12-07 10:51:19


"intellectually dishonest"

Prove it.


2013-12-12 14:34:59

I believe if you could comprehend what you read you would have not made that demand. That is the only explanation for you needing me to repost everything. Oh would you look at that, more proof.